Updates on June Tours



Montana – Washington – Oregon. What a mini tour.

All of us at MP had an amazing time at Camp Daze 2k16 and Volume Music Festival this last weekend!

It’s always nice to tour through such beautiful areas of the Northwest…

One of the biggest things that seems to prove itself time and time again is that music communities MATTER. There were so many instances where we were overcome with gratitude because of the kindness that came from the people involved in our shows. Nickolas, Foster, Andrea, Kaleb, and everyone else behind Camp Daze were the absolute sweetest. All of the the people we met through The Inlander and Volume Music Festival were super nice and accommodating, too. As for the people of La Grande… We almost didn’t have a show at the Hide Out… but, because of these amazing communities created around music, La Granders banded together (thank you Jeff!!!) and had us play at “The Big Green Barn”, a barn that has hosted amazing bands including the likes of Built to Spill.

Videos of these performances will be posted soon!

We’re stoked to be embarking on another tour this month through:

6/19 – Portland, OR – The Know

6/21 – Eugene, OR – Old Nicks

6/22 – Ashland, OR – Club 66

6/24 – Oakland, CA – Oakland.Secret

6/25 – Fresno, CA – TBA

6/26 – San Francisco, CA – The Make Out Room

6/28 – Reno, NV – Studio On 4th

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